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The Big Maldives Book: Intro

In the spring of 2023, we decided on a sabbatical in coming October. We went on a two-month-long journey with our two little sons, almost 6 and 2.5 years old. We started in Tenerife, repacked at home, and continued to the Maldives. 

Arriving in the Maldives without expectations, we fell head over heels for the country. The true, authentic Maldives is not about resorts with all-inclusive packages; it’s about local islands. My golden formula: affordable accommodation, crystal-clear waters, and gorgeous, less crowded islands. And I found it all here. The locals are friendly and treat their guests with utmost respect and honesty. Dive in!

The Big Maldives Book kryscina

The Big Maldives Book.
Local Islands on a Budget

The Book

epub + PDF
  • Contacts of 10 hotels and guesthouses on the local islands, where you will be treated as a friend of a friend + special discounts there.
  • Travel diary from the point of view of a European traveller
  • An opportunity to save thousands of dollars

Travel Consultation
+ The Book

epub + PDF + my personal input
  • Full version of The Big Maldives Book in EPUB and PDF versions
  • All contacts of my partners on the local islands + special discounts there.
  • My assistance in planning your holiday in the Maldives on a budget: personal tips and lifehacks. I am in touch until you find and book the perfect guesthouse or hotel for your dream holiday.
  • Economy of thousands of dollars and still having a dream vacation.

What is in The Big Maldives Book?


The PDF version has 124 pages in 12th. Epub: 87 pages 10th, most of the illustrations are missing. When you purchase a book, you get both formats, because some important information from the PDF version complements the book in EPUB.

If you bought a book and ended up disappointed, write to me at with an explanation and criticism – and I will refund you 100% of the cost within 14 days from the date of purchase. Justification is needed to improve the product.

Yes. According to my plan, the next book is about the island of Tenerife in Spain. One of the chapters will be devoted specifically to moving there from Germany. There will also be a book about moving and life in Germany and Poland. Those who buy one of my books receive a 10% discount on all subsequent books.

Of course. Those who buy the book receive a 24.99€ discount on my travel consulting services.

Yes, it also exists in Russian. You can find it here. When purchasing both versions, there is a 30% discount on each. Write to me at with the title «Both Books».

My name is Christina, I am a blogger for over 20 years. I travel all my life and I’ve been to 43 countries. I am also a serial immigrant: I was born in Belarus, then I lived in Poland and now I am in Germany.

In 2023 I’ve been to Maldives and fell in love. I am excited to write a book which will help everyone to discover this beautiful country and travel the Maldives local islands on a budget. Subscribe to my channel on TikTok and let’s stay in touch!


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